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Computers in Collection

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General Notes


How to open the case without breaking stuff?!

One tab of three for the case lid is broken off, before my time, as best I can tell.


Keyboards are IR and wired. The IR link is pretty fussy, you can’t be too far off-axis.

Non-chiclet keyboard has significant battery compartment contact corrosion. Keyboard is non-functional.

Chiclet keyboard is truly bad.

Beware the slightly different color between “alt” and “fn” special keys. The blue and green are a bit hard to tell apart in the dark.

Chicklet keyboard “1503275” feet: cork, 9.6 mm x 9.3 mm x 3.1 mm thick.

Power Supply

Official documentation specifies 32VA, 17 VAC, pins 1 and 3 are AC, pin 2 is ground. It appears that some security alarm systems use 16.5V @ 40VA - Amazon: “Universal UB1640W 16.5 VAC 40VA Plug-In Wall Transformer”. That seems close enough… Ground plug (and terminal on output side) seems like a good idea. Original tranformer-system cord was 18AWG, 4 feet. Or Jameco MGT1640.

Connector appears to be same general style as floppy and older hard drive power connectors, except with three conductors. The AMP/TE MATE-N-LOK family seems to be an exact match in dimensions. May be AMP/TE 643488-1 on the supply. Mates with AMP/TE 1-480303-0 on the AC adapter side? Contacts are AMP/TE 61117-1, or similar. Ordering some.

Noticed a 1x2 0.1” header below the power supply, only visible when the power supply card was pulled out. The pins were bent over, and apparently mate to some side-entry header/connector on the power supply card. Unbent.

Jameco MGT1640 power brick says 16VAC, despite the 16.5VAC in the product description. Lashed up a terrible “connector” made of three solderable connector contacts pressed onto the pins. Works fine though!

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